Samantha Rose

I am a creator, idea generator, doer, storyteller, eternal optimist, and designer with a marketing and production background.

I am heavily influenced by the style and sound of the 1960s + ’70s psychedelic rock music icons and the way they have impacted today’s culture – a taste you’d acquire only by watching your dad’s band practice and TIVOing VH1 music documentaries regularly in the late 90s.

I am curious about the emotional and physical connection between humans and the brands they buy, films they watch, and music they listen to.

I am passionate about not taking life too seriously, having fun, and clean eating.

Today I am Co-founder of  To The Moon Citizen. We are a female-founded, creative company built on the importance of love and support to teach young girls how to define and chase their dreams while collaborating with each other instead of competing.  We do everything from directing, producing, writing, art direction, editing, photography, styling, and designing – all of which we house under Moon Citizen.

Most recently I worked as a Brand Strategist at Spring, a venture and LVMH-backed mobile marketplace, which launched in August 2014, where I served over 150 brand partners to develop their mobile commerce strategy. 

Before that I was with BeachMint. There I helped a bad-ass mentor/one of the founding team members, Ara Katz, develop and launch six direct-to-consumer, celebrity-partnered brands.

In 2011 I graduated from FIDM’s Visual Communication program where I further developed my love for storytelling through visuals. While at FIDM, I interned for stylist Cher Coulter to learn the back end of Hollywood red carpets.

I live in Los Angeles and spend my downtime at concerts, playing bass, scouting flea markets for 1970s vintage band tees, researching space missions, designing my own fonts and being by the waves in Malibu with friends + family.

preferred solution must be selected by considering a tradeoff between risk and return.

In particular, a portfolio A is dominated by another portfolio A’ if A’ has a greater expected gain and a lesser risk than A. If no portfolio dominates A, A is a Pareto-optimal portfolio. The set of Pareto-optimal returns and risks is called the Pareto efficient frontier for the Markowitz portfolio selection problem.